12 August 2020,   13:00
Amendments to the Law on Self-Government - Opposition Blames Managing Team for Non-Professionalism

New Reform of the Ministry of Infrastructure. The agency is working on the initiative, according to which 12 towns, which now have both a Governor and a Mayor, will have only a Mayor after the reform.

The mayor will be elected by the population and he will be assigned to run the city and the villages in the municipality. The reason for the change accordinng to the Ministry of Infrastructure is the cutting of bureaucratic expenditures.
The initiators of the reform claim that the towns will maintain the status of self-governing, but how they will be managed when the whole municipality will have one overall budget?

"This does not mean abolishing this institution itself. Of course, this will be the position, people will elect directly the mayor as a senior official. The only thing here is the terminology that will be implemented, " -said Giorgi Kakhiani, chairperson of the Parliamentary Procedural Issues Committee.

The proposed reform is incomprehensible to the opposition. European Georgia says that the changes can not solve the existing problems.

"Today local self-governments serve not people but Bidzina Ivanishvili`s political center, the Georgian Dream and the second problem - these are absolutely exhausted costs, inflated bureaucracy and unprofessionalism. These changes do not respond to any of these challenges, "says Elene Khoshtaria.

The change is called formal by the National Movement too.