30 September 2020,   20:47
Official Tbilisi is waiting for explanations from German diplomat

Official Tbilisi is waiting for explanations from German diplomat Herbert Zalber. The scandalous statement was made by the co-chairperson of the Geneva talks in occupied Tskhinvali where he was personally hosted by the head of the occupation regime. The EU ambassador in Georgia had to give explanations today regarding Herbert Zalber."s statement, which in fact was actual recognition.

Janos Herman emphasized that official Brussels`s position regarding Georgia`s territorial integrity has not changed.

The foreign ministry does not speak about what the response will be, and do not specify whether they want to have Zalber.removed from Geneva talks. The opposition is calling on the government to demand the diplomat`s withdrawal from the format of negotiations.

Contrary to his European colleague, the author of the scandalous announcement has not appeared before TV cameras. Herber Zalber. is currently in occupied Abkhazia and is holding meetings there.

The German diplomat will arrive in Tbilisi on Friday. In case the official Tbilisi does not forgive his unfriendly statement, it is not excluded that the other diplomat should take place in his office.