12 August 2020,   13:30
Two demonsrations in Tbilisi - unprecedented number of law enforcers defended LGBT rally

Two rallies have been held in Tbilisi - clergy and parish celebrated the Day of Family Purity marched in the streets of Tbilisi and received the blessing of the patriarch at Trinity Cathedral at the end of the day. LGBT persons celebrated International Day against Homophobia with a demonstration at the State Chancellery and demanded protection of their rights.

Participants of the demonstration were brought to the site by specially mini-buses under police supervision.

The unprecedented number of law enforcers were present at the State Chancellery. The police blocked all the parallel streets of the area to ensure the safety of the rally participants.

The assemblies claim that they feel insecure in Georgia and are threatened because of their sexual orientation and gender identity every day.

Despite the peaceful conduct of the rally, the NGO sector speaks about the gross violation of LGBT rights in the country.

Representatives of the Public Defender also monitored the rally today. They talk about the need for protection of LGBT rights.