02 December 2020,   14:04
Prohibition of Alienation of Agricultural Land to Foreigners - Opponents predict economic problems

Decision on banning the sale of land to foreign nationals has been adopted by the ruling team. However, in what form the initiative will be reflected in the country`s main law is still the subject of consultations held by the Georgian Dream.

According to the majority, besides the Constitution, the same issue will be regulated by organic law.

In the draft constitutional law on which the general discussion is underway, there is already a record on land. The land is mentioned in the right of ownership and indicates that the right to property on land is to be regulated by organic law as an especiallly significant resource.

National Movement, European Georgia and the civil sector are aganst the issue of prohibition of sale of land to foreign nationals.

Alliance of Patriots is the only one from the parliamentary opposition that agrees with the decision of the majority. Together with the prohibition of sale of land, the faction demands to tighten the law on granting Georgian citizenship.

Opponents think that such a record in the Constitution will bring significant economic problems to the country