29 January 2022,   00:19
Representatives of "Georgian Dream" register voters at the polling station - Ana Natsvlishvili

52 complaints and 105 observations in 35 constituencies - GYLA announces data about the violations revealed during the elections. Ana Natsvlishvili, the Chairperson of GYLA has focused on violations at the media centre at a special briefing. According to her, Georgian Dream members register voters at the polling stations. She says that control of voters free will is inadmissible.

Reportedly, the Georgian Dream representative has explained to the GYLA observer that she was collecting information in regard to control the situation. According to Anna Natsvlishvili, the CEC has contributed to the continuation of this trend.

"The biggest part is procedural violations, However, there is a new tendency - an attempt to control voters" free will tool place especially in Tbilisi,"- said Ana Natsvlishvili.