02 December 2021,   11:24
Actor of TV series" My wife`s best friends" physically assaulted by 15 people - during Ugrekhelidze`s beating attackers mentioned heroes of series

Saba Ugrekhelidze, actor of popular the TV series was attacked at Kazbegi Avenue. He was physically assaulted by 15 people. The actor was hit with a blunt object in the head and was stabbed with a knife in the chest.

The actor came to the hospital with a strong bleeding.

The victim says that during the attack, unknown people mentioned names of heroes of the series.

Ugrekhelidze knew no one of the attackers, but he did not rule out that the incident had been organized. The attackers did not demand anything from Ugrekhelidze and did not take away anything which excludes the version of robbery or theft.

Presumably, the law enforcers have already taken out video recording of the attack. There are surveillance cameras installed on the currency exchange booth and microfinance organization near the site of the attack .

Investigation is in progress under Article 120 of the Criminal Code, which implies intentional injury to the body.