20 August 2022,   06:39
During the special operation, criminals occupied three floors - investigative actions still continue on the spot

Investigative activities are already underway at the Gabriel Salosi Street. Expert-criminalits are working in the area where they are studying the place of multi-hour special operation.

The law enforcers and special forces are still present in the area

The medical experts are also working on the spot who are studying the corpses of the deceased. According to the official information, 3 terrorists were killed, one of them was outside the residential building. The corpses have not been transported to the morgue yet.

According to locals, at 18:00 one of the suspects left the entrance from the yard. According to unconfirmed reports, he shot himself by one of the versions, and by the second version he died as a result of bilateral shooting with law enforcers.

According to locals, members of the criminal group had a rented apartment on the third floor of the building, but the first and second floors belonged to one person. According to the population, after the law enforcers arrived, members of the criminal group breached the door of the residential building on the first and second floor and occupied three floors.