26 May 2022,   18:10
Wife of thief by law, Kakhaber Shushanashvili, is among 23 people arrested in Spain

Large-scale operation of Spanish police against Georgian mafia - 23 people have been detained, among them is Kakhaber Shushanashvili"s wife.
Kakhaber Shushanashvili"s lawyer said in a telephone conversation with "Courier" that the thief by law has no connection with the so-called special operation, he is in pretrial detention in Spain. According to lawyer Nani Fridonashvili, Shushanashvili"s spouse, was arrested by Spanish law enforcers last year on money laundering charges, but, as the lawyer said, she it was acquitted.

One of the leaders of the so-called "obcshak" or the money collected by thieves was also arrested. He had a private company registered in Madrid and Barcelona and by means of these companies sent stolen items to other coutries.

The operation started at dawn and was held simultaneously at 13 addresses.

Reportedly, suspects are members of Kakha Shushanashvili"s group. They are accused of robbery and money laundering.

The Spanish press writes that today"s operation was a serious blow to the Georgian mafia operating in Catalonia.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia states that 23 of the detainees are Georgian citizens.