29 May 2022,   09:31
US Department of State calls on the Ukrainian authorities to follow rule of law

The US Department of State calls on the Ukrainian authorities to  follow the rule of law. The statement was made by the press secretary at the briefing. According to Heather Nauert, the United States has good relations with the Ukrainian authorities, but this does not mean that all its decisions are acceptable .
She called on Ukraine"s government and opposition forces to de-escalate the situation.

"I would have to say overall, we’re closely monitoring that situation and what happened in Kyiv. We are in close contact, as you know. We have a good relationship with the Government of Ukraine. It doesn’t mean that we agree with them on absolutely everything, however. We would urge the authorities in Ukraine to de-escalate that situation. We have certainly seen reports of various activities in the streets there. We would call on all sides to avoid violence and follow the rule of law and their international commitments as well.

The details of the case we just can’t get into. I would have to refer you to the Government of Ukraine on that. But the Government of Ukraine – and we have said this many times before, as we do with other governments – if they are detaining someone, arresting someone, et cetera, it needs to be in accordance with the laws and regulations of that country as well as international human rights obligations, and we urge Ukraine to respect the rule of law,"- stated Heather Nauert.