30 November 2023,   05:39
Noisy case of club "Bassiani"

The Court of Appeals discusses the case of the club " Bassiani. The second instance of the court will examine the issue of preventive measures imposed by the City Court on a person, who had wounded police officers.

The accused Tamaz Kvlividze, who had been released by the City Court in exchange for bail, arrived at the Court of appeals a few minutes ago. He did not comment on the issue. Kvlividze"s lawyer says that three people have been wounded for physically abusing him and it was a self-defence.
"These are light wounds. Both- The security staff has assaulted him verbally and physically, "said the lawyer Zaza Meskhi.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant was drunk in the moment, when he committed the crime and tried to escape.

It will be decided today whether the decision of the city court will remain in force.