29 November 2021,   10:13
New Investigative Institute - NGOs question independence of service

The establishment of a new investigative institution, which aims to investigate the violations conducte by the police, the civil sector assesses as inappropriate.

The NGOs question the independence of the State Inspector"s Service because it will have the obligation to cooperate with the Prosecutor"s Office.

"We do not see logic why an independent investigative mechanism and inspector should be together. This, in our opinion, will discredit the inspector. This department has not yet taken into consideration the direction of investigation of such offenses, which is connected with planting such as the essence of entries and which is a big problem. Its jurisdiction is very small, "said Giorgi Gvilava, representative of Transparency International Georgia.

Representatives of the civil sector say that the jurisdiction of the agency is subject to a fairly small list of crimes, which can not bring real results.

The new service will be headed by personal data protection inspector Tamar Kaladani.