29 November 2021,   09:26
Former Board member of Public Broadcaster was paid honorarium- materials were sent to Prosecutor"s Office

The Prosecutor"s Office will study the legality of spending money by the Public Broadcaster. The State Audit Office has sent one part of the documentation related to the compensation of the members of the Supervisory Board, to the Prosecutor"s Office after the inspection.

It turns out that the general director of the GPB in 2015-2016 increased salaries by GEL 1.200,000, which was not agreed with the Supervisory Board.

As a result of studying the documents by the audit, it was established that the former member of the Board of Trustees, was paid a monthly fee for 5 months after his term in the office ended. According to the representative of the Audit Office, the mentioned amount amounted to 12 thousand 800 GEL. According to Tornike Shermadini, the money will be returned to the budget.

"The materials regarding one episode where we saw signs of possible crime were sent to the Chief Prosecutor"s Office ,"- said Tornike Shermadini.

Board member Ketevan Mskhiladze confirmed to the "Courieri" that Lela Gaprindashvili is the person who received the honorarium.

According to Sulkhan Saladze, former member of the board , the Board of Trustees was aware of the fact and the issue was raised several times at the board meetings, but what was the continuation was unknown to him.