29 November 2021,   10:27
Stationary knife in bread- Hazardous Items in Kindergarten

A stationry knife was found in bread tody in the morning in kindergarten N 100 in Tbilisi. Recently, parents who are dissatisfied with food in the state gardens demand urgent study of the fact and demand the punishment of the offender.

The garden administration has hidden the fact that a sharp knife was found in bread. The director of the garden, who was particularly aggressive, did not allow the "Courier" to film the territory of the garden and did not give reply to the question on how a knife turned out to be the bread.

The Tbilisi kindergartens are supplied by the food company "Nili ". Bread products are baked in the company"s bakery and then distributed in pre-school institutions. Director of "Nili" claims that there is a diversion and this is not the first case.

Kakha Giorgadze made a scandalous statement in front of "Courieri" camera. According to him, a week ago keys to 27 kindergartens were stolen from the distribution machine. The head of "Niil" does not exclude that the knife was put in the bread by his competitors .

In connection with the information regarding the stealing of keys, the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that the investigation is in progress under Article 177.