26 May 2022,   17:24
Ceiling collapse in metro station "Varketili" - Sakrebulo opposition imposes political responsibility on City Hall

According to Irakli Khmaladze, Vice-Mayor of Tbilisi,the works carried out in the metro raises questioning to the executive company "Kvarelremmsheni".

The main question of the opposition was about why it was decided that the old construction would endure the new one. Also, the opposition was interested in how many metro stations a similar project has been carried out are what companies are doing this job.

Member of "European Georgia" Giorgi Gabashvili imposes political responsibility on the City Hall.

"This is the responsibility of the City Hall that the works in the subway station should not be checked without examination," Gabashvili said.

The ceiling in the subway station collapsed three days ago, resulting in injury of 14 people . The mentioned metro station was renovated in the summer of 2017 by the company "Kvarelremmsheni".