28 November 2022,   21:24
Audit Conclusion on Ministries of Corrections and Defense - Assessments in the Parliament are different

The members of the trust group will discuss the conclusion of the audit held in the Ministries of Penitentiary and Defense. The document, which is classified as secret, includes 2015-2016 years.

According to the opposition, it is clear from the document that there were systemic problems and the money was spent unreasonably.

Irakli Abesadze, a member of the Faction "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom", states that this audit report confirms that the significant part of the budgetary funds allocated for the defense sphere during the years was not directed towards increasing the country"s defense capabilities.

Members of the parliamentary majority say that according to the audit report, the main problems were of technical character , many of which have already been corrected.

Irakli Sesiashvili, chairman of the parliamentary committee for defense and security, points out that there are violations, however, he said it is mainly due to wrong administrative governance.