28 November 2022,   21:32
Juvenile accused of wounding two students was sentenced to imprisonment

The juvenile accused of wounding two students was sentenced to imprisonment. Judge of the City Court of Georgia received a decision several minutes ago.

On the night of January 31, the prosecution demanded the imprisonment of the defendant involved in the incident in the Red Garden and the defense side demanded a bail. Accordingly, the court took into consideration the request of the Prosecutor"s Office.

It was reported that he was charged under  article 117- intentional serious damage to health, which was then re-qualified into attempted murder. Prosecutor explains that the charge was requalified due to new evidence submitted by in the case by the prosecution, which the attorney of the defendant disagrees with and is going to appeal.

"In fact, he arrested a child who studies in grade 12, preparing for national exams. The motion of the prosecution was unsubstantiated and the court ruling was unsubstantiated as well , "- said Irma Chkadua, a lawyer.