06 February 2023,   13:20
The NGOs demand audit of Public Broadcaster

Non-governmental organizations have developed a six-point plan about the recent developments in the Public Broadcaster. According to one of the points, they are demanding Audit Service to enter the GPB as Eka Gigauri, Chairwoman of Transparency International Georgia, told journalists after the meeting yesterday.

According to her, the Coordination Council will be created to get the broadcaster back to the society, which will be composed of different groups.

"The six-point plan aims to return the Public Broadcaster back. The Public Broadcaster is not the broadcaster of the board, but the channel of the public. First of all it should serve the public. We think that it is necessary to take some important steps. Of course, first of all, the ruling party and political officials should be interested in this issue, because the statements that the current events in the Public Broadcaster are not their problem is not correct. The second issue is structural and other types of reforms, which will ensure the Public Broadcaster to serve the public," - Gigauri said.