31 October 2020,   00:13
Investigation into the possible misappropriation of funds of Public Broadcaster started

The Prosecutor General"s Office launched an investigation on the basis of the audit conclusion on the facts of the alleged misappropriation of funds belonging to the Public Broadcaster. The case is about 12 800 GEL paid after the termination of the authority to the former member of the Board of Trustees.

Lela Gaprindashvili claims that the compensation was paid in exchange for the specific project, but the Board of Trustees denied any formal agreement with her at today"s session.

The former member of the Board of Trustees is not going to return the impugned compensation to the Public Broadcaster. According to Lela Gaprindashvili, the channel financed by the state budget has paid thousands of GEL for the project, which she had already started working on before the expiration of her term.

Gaprindashvili gave an explanation to the Chairman and members of the Council on the conclusion of the Audit Service. The board today became interested in what status and on whose initiative the former member of the GPB worked on the development project. Today the channel"s chief accountant had to make explanations at the meeting.

Grigol Gegelia, the chairperson of the Board of Trustees has confirmed the desire to cooperate with Gaprindashvili, however, declares that the Board of Trustees has not discussed future plans of the member of the Board of Trustees. The chairperson and members of the Board of Trustees claim that the parties have not considered the content of the project or the budget.

According to the Civil Sector, the undue payment to the former member of the board is a proof that the Board of Directors and Management are unable to fulfill the obligations.