08 December 2021,   04:58
"European Georgia" requests Mikheil Janelidze"s summoning to Parliament

Sergi Kapanadze, the Deputy Chairman of the parliament, the member of " European Georgia-Movement for Freedom" requested the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs to arrive to the parliament.
The case concerns the format of the minority session in the legislative body. Kapanadze demands answers to all questions in regard to external threats.

"We have seen that the government avoids to respond the question whether Georgia is going to join Ukraine"s proposal on imposing sanctions on Russia. We know very well and have seen in recent years that our government refuses to join the EU and US sanctions against Russia. So maybe you explain to the society why we do not join these sanctions, "Sergi Kapanadze said.

The opposition speaks about strengthening government interests in the Public Broadcaster and demands to reform of the Council.

"The Board of Trustees of the Public Broadcaster is a completely degraded organization.They are not capable of fulfilling their function, "states Roman Gotsiridze.