26 May 2022,   19:02
We help and engage in this common challenge - Eka Beselia on criminal situation

Attack on Dodo Gugeshashvili"s family is the main topic of political statements in parliament. Eka Beselia, the Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee, says that the legal committee, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, will do everything to improve the situation at the legislative level.

"I welcome that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Gakharia, very openly and objectively shows to the society a picture of where there is a decline in the crime and where there is the growth. And where there are some violent crimes, the ministry and the minister have called on the public to work on the new plan and new visionof the reform process. We help and engage in this common challenge , our Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs work jointly so that we have a quick intervention in the legislative aspect of prevention, " - Eka Beselia said.

The attack occurred on Gugeshashvili"s family this morning. Dodo Gugeshashvili and her son were shot at in their house. Dodo Gugeshashvili was taken to the clinic where she was operated on and her son died on the spot.