01 December 2021,   04:09
Controversy in the Council of Justice - Ana Dolidze not to let by half of the judges to attend interview

Interview with the judges in the High Council of Justice ended so that Ana Dolidze was not allowed to attend at all. Candidates demanded her recusal for the reson of the public statements made by Ana Dolidze, where she spoke about the necessity to dismiss from the judiciary Adeishvili"s people.

Ana Dolidze blames in campaigning against her those members of the High Council of Justice for whom her being in the council is uncomfortable. The president"s nominee intends to appeal her recusal in the court

Besides Ana Dolidze, another non-judge member of the Council Nazi Janezashvili criticized the process in the Supreme Council of Justice today.

Controversy in the Council of Justice became the reason for political accusations in Parliament. The position of the "Georgian Dream" was split , a part linked Ana Dolidze"s assessment to President Margvelashvili"s political games, wheras Vice Speaker Tamar Chugoshvili has no doubt about Anna Dolidze"s professionalism.

Members of the opposition blame the ruling team in a grave interference in the judiciary.

Non-governmental organizations issued a statement after the two-day confrontation in the Council, which states that the dismissal of Anna Dolidze from the lifetime appointment process of judges affects the quality of the ongoing process.