01 December 2021,   03:34
18-year-old was wounded in Varketili by his peers

The wounded youth has been operated on The surgery has lasted for several hours and it has already been completed. Giorgi Shatirishvili, the director of the clinic "Optimal Med" notes that the patient has multiple wounds from a gun fire.

Giorgi Shatirishvili also notes that the condition of the wounded young man is stable.

The young man was wounded in the entrance of one of the buildings in Varketili. Eyewitnesses say that he was with two boys who shot at him. According to eyewitnesses, the sound of the shot was heard several times.

The wounded young man did not live in the building, the entrance of which he was wounded.

The mother of the wounded says that she heard about the accident from the doctors. She also does not know whether her son had confrontation with his peers.

The employees of the investigative department are in the hospital now. Law enforcers should take the blood sample and after the post-operation rehabilitation process, the young man is expected to be questioned.