01 December 2021,   03:33
Head of Labor Inspection speaks about alleged reasons for work falling from construction site

" According to the primary assessment, the failure to observe certain labor safety standards has place," said the Head of the Labor Inspection Department of the Ministry of Health, Beka Peradze regarding the fall ofa worker from the 5th floor of the constructed building in Tbilisi.

The 26-year-old man fell from the 5th floor of the building located on Zhvania Street 10, and died on the spot.

According to Beka Peradze, the Labor Inspection Department will study the reasons r causing the accident and the labor safety policy of the company.

"The company was using the non-sticky railways and ladders. We have studied how the company was implementing effective labor safety policies, which means assessing the threats and identifying the risks that ultimately allow us to describe what the accident is related to, "- Beka Peradze said.

According to the workers, he was obliged to work inside the building, but he went out on the balcony himself. Third sector representatives talk about violation of labor safety norms.

They also draw attention to the delay in listening to the draft law, which ensures protection of safety norms for construction.

Construction works were carried out by the Company "Capital Construction".