01 December 2021,   03:41
Mass fighting on Tsereteli Avenue - Injured are taken to hospital

More than ten young men participated in physical confrontation about an hour ago. Two of them were transferred to Iashvili clinic with physical injuries.

The pediatrician, Tamar Kikishvili, says that the health condition of both patients is satisfactory and they will soon be discharged.

"Presumably, these children were beaten by their peers. One of them had multiple escalations in the face area and various parts of the body. The second patient had two cut wounds in the skull and temporal area, , "said Tamar Kikishvili.

According to the doctor, physical confrontation occurred on the basis of conflict, where about 30 peers participated.

The cigarette request is one of the reasons for the conflict. In addition to the two injured, two more beaten teenagers are at home.

Some of the participants in the fight were taken to the police station for questioning.