28 November 2021,   14:59
Increase in the number of criminals and asylum-seekers - sanctions may be enforced against infringing citizens

The authorities openly talked about the threat to visa liberalization. Ministers of law enforcement agencies assembled at a special meeting at the government"s administration, which was closed for media.

It has already been decided that the cost of readmission or withdrawal will be imposed on those who violated the rules set out by visa liberalization and stayed longer than 3 months in Europe. Asylum seekers often change their names and cross the border. Therefore, the government will tighten the rule for the change of the surname. The Interior Ministry will further strengthen the format of bilateral cooperation with partner countries, especially in the context of fighting against the organized crime. In addition, the Interior Minister will visit a number of EU member states to make the office of police attachés more active.

In addition, active information campaign will be conducted throughout the country to provide the population with detailed information on the risks posed by failure to comply with rules for visa-free travel in Schengen Area, and possible repercussions it may entail, including financially, among others.

The legislative amendments will be initiated at the government session and then the discussion will start in the parliament.

The ruling team is convinced that the suspension mechanism should not be expected. The parliamentary majority thinks that prevention will be enough to overcome visa liberalization challenges.