03 December 2021,   23:30
It might not be possible to interrogate Dodo Gugeshashvili today

Dodo Gugeshashvili, one of the witnesses of the murder of her son and the only witness of the attack, could not be questioned today.
The colonel is still under sleeping drugs and still does not know the story of the death of her son.

Dodo Gugeshashvili"s friends say that the patient will not be questioned by law enforcers until she does not get better.

"Today she is conscious , but they do not want to tell her about her son,"- Dodo Gugeshashvili"s friend David Mukhiguli said.

According to Courieri, the armed attack on Gugeshashvilis took place
due to revenge on Nodar Gugeshashvili. According to one of the versions, he had a conflict with a young man 7 years ago.