03 December 2021,   23:36
Property of "Georgian Dream" high-ranking officials increased in 2017

According to the declarations filled in by the members of the Georgian government, the property of the Georgian Dream top officials has grown even more.

Tbilisi Mayor purchased three carsin 2017 in total for 400 thousand GEL. According to Kakha Kaladze"s property declaration, Tbilisi Mayor bought two apartments and two garages in the city center for 174 thousand dollars .

According to the declaration, the mayor of Tbilisi has one penthouse, five apartments, three private houses and seven land plots.

Tbilisi Mayor told the Courier that this property has been purchased from the income from two business companies in Ukraine, which brought 280,000 euros and 470 thousand dollars in 2017. Nothing in the declaration says what income and what businesses Kaladze has in Georgia.

In 2017, prime minister was lucky, his father gave him money. Giorgi Kvirikashvili"s salary revenues amounted to 51 thousand GEL last year, almost the same amount of 50 thousand GEL is needed to cover the loan from Bidzina Ivanishvili"s Cartu Bank.

The opposition suspects that the prime minister is lying and his father has not given him the money, and he has declared a gift to cover illegal revenues .

Last year Levan Khabeishvili, a member of UNM, found out that Kvirikashvili"s total income was paid to cover the loan in Bidzina Ivanishvili"s bank. Then the materials were submitted to the Prosecutor"s Office and he demanded to start investigation, the Prosecutor"s Office put the suit on the sgelf. Instead, this year"s head of state has announced that his debt to the former prime minister
is paid by his father.

Tea Tsulukiani received real estate as a gift . The brother of her father gave to her as a present the 6,000 square meter plot of land valued at 76 thousand GEL in the village of Zemo Luzha in Mestia.

Parliamentarian Nino Tsilosani received 100 thousand GEL from her parents in 2017. Zilosani has paid 70 thousand GEL for her son"s tuition fees.

According to the property declarations, Davit Saganelidze continues to be the highest paid official in 2017.His annual income in the Partnership Fund amounted to 336 thousand GEL.