31 October 2020,   00:18
Nodar Gugeshashvili was allegedly killed by contract killer- attorney

After four hours of interrogation, lawyer Gela Nikolaishvili says that Nodar Gugeshashvili, presumably, was killed by a hired killer.

According to the lawyer, Nodar Gugeshashvili knew the suspected murderer and they had business meetings.

Nikolaishvili says that Dodo Gugeshashvili does not know exactly the name of the person, though she can recognize him.

According to the lawyer, Gugeshashvili"s interrogation was going on for a long time, and based on the received information it could be said that it was a hired killer who was sent to Gugeshashvili.

Gela Nikolaishvili says the firing was not preceded by a fight . Nodar Gugeshashvili has 5 bullets, one of which is in the chest area.

Investigators questioned Dodo Gugeshashvili today.