28 November 2021,   15:34
Accumulated pension project - opposition and NGOs call reform anti-constitutional


Discussion of the accumulated pension project started in Parliament. The opposition called this initiative of the Ministry of Finance a new mandatory taxation. The opposition believes that the government should ask the population when introducing compulsory pension taxation.

Members of "European Georgia" consider the bill as anti-constitutional because they say that accumulation pension reform will be compulsory for persons under 40, ie the money will be distracted from their salary without their permission.

Another problem which the opposition focuses on is inflation. Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the "National Movement", says nobody knows what sum of money will be accrued. after the 30-40 years.

NGOs also see the risks in the bill. According to them, the reform contradicts the Constitution.

Despite the critical questions, Deputy Finance Minister is sure that the reform will be successful.

The parliamentary majority supports the government"s pension reform.

Population has a negative attitude towards accumulating pension system.