28 November 2021,   15:27
Washington criticizes Georgian government - experts respond to US intelligence service report

In Washington, the Georgian government is criticized. The National Security Agency"s report is shared by American analysts and security specialists.

The views expressed in the document suggest that the ruling party is trying to expand the power on the rest of the institutions, and experts conclude that the western integration of the country is in danger.

 "I am concerned that the party in power has been focused on preserving and consolidating power, has no vision what to do with this power. I have friends in the government and I want them to succeed, because if you succeed, it will be good for the country. But the Georgian Dream can not understand what the real goal should be. That it should guide the country to democracy and progress, its integration into Euro-Atlantic Unions. I am also concerned that because of the internal political situation, the main goals are losing importance, "said David Kramer, professor of Miami University.

Analyst Paul Crego believes that one of the reasons that might be triggered by the determination of the threats could have been the steps taken to weaken the power of the president of Georgia.

"The decline of the president"s authority is not just about the issue of relations with other parties of the Georgian Dream. This is the topic of redistribution of powers. The president will be elected by the Parliament , which means that he will have the same authority as in Israel or in the German president. Giorgi Margvelashvili has been given little authority. But he has the right to use the veto, can come out on television and say what he does not like it. The other thing is its outcome. But it means the existence of a different sound that will no longer exist, "- said Paul Crego.