26 November 2020,   06:15
"Today I am free and no longer to be extradited," - first interview of Mustafa Emre Chabuk to "Courier"

"It turns out that I"m a member of a terrorist organization, it"s certainly absurd," - said the former director of Demireli College, Mustafa Emre Chabuk, after being released from the courtroom.

Mustafa Emre Chabuq denies any connection with the terrorist organization and notes that he does not know Fethula Güllen at all.

"During my life I have never had a touch with a terrorist organization. As forGulien, I personally do not know him and I have never had a conversation with him. He has no financial or any other connection with our schools and it is excluded because it is a Georgian educational institution, "- Chabuk said.

Mustafa Emre Chabuk notes that he is not clear to him why Georgia has not granted him ID status.

"Many questions I can not answer , for example, why Georgia did not grant me IDP status? I hear a lot of talk about the fact that Turkey is putting pressure. When I looked at my case , I could say that I was politically persecuted, but I am a simple teacher who does his job. So, it turns out that Georgia fulfilled Ankara"s request. Today I am free and I will not be extradited, "said Mustafa Emre Chabuk.

Recall that the Tbilisi City Court released Mustafa Emre Chabuq from pre-extradition detention in exchange for a 1000-lari bail. He is accused of having links with the Turkish side, Gülien and the terrorist organization.