26 November 2020,   06:14
" You are politically motivated" - confrontation between Tsulukiani and former employees

The sitting of the Committee on Diaspora and Caucasus Issues was held in Parliament, where the main rapporteur was the Minister of Justice. The main issue
discussed at the committee meeting was granting Georgian citizenship to the citizens of foreign countries under exceptional rule as well as the report of the Citizenship Commission for the last four years .

Citizens Ana Subeliani and Tamaz Akhobadze were also present at the meeting, who were released from the LEPL of the Ministry of Justice in 2014 and in spite of the court case, Tsulukiani did not restitute them in the agency.

"We are well aware that you are personally distinguished by the fact that we do not avoid employing people on the nepotistic grounds in the Ministry and there is a clear example of this: Ana Subeliani and Tamaz Akhobadze, who are today at the committee meeting," Tina Bokuchava, member of the National Movement, told Tea Tsulukiani .

According to the Minister of Justice, two people named by Tea Bokuchava won the court case and that is part of the court reform.

"They won a trial against one of the Ministry of Justice and I congratulate you Mrs. Tina! Yes, the Reform of the Court is successful, as for execution, the decisions must be fulfilled according to the instructions that are in judicial decisions," said Tea Tsulukiani, to which Ana Subeliani, who was in the hall said that the court order indicated to immediately implement the decision which was never materialized.

" You are politically motivated, "Tea Tsulukiani said in response to Ana Subeliani.