26 November 2020,   05:49
Opposition requests punishment of certain former and acting high officials because of pressure on TV Pirveli Head

Because of the pressure on "TV Pirveli", the opposition demands punishment of the former and current high-ranking officials.

"United National Movement" will file a lawsuit in the Prosecutor"s Office tomorrow.

Politicians started talking about the beginning of criminal prosecution, when the details of the alleged scheme, which the government used to demand the shares of the TV company became known.

Khatia Dekanoidze says that after the Rustavi 2 TV, the government"s target became "TV Pirveli"and the government was trying to change the editorial policy of the TV channel with the participation of Vice-Prime Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili and former Vice Prime Minister Aleksandre Jejelava.

The opposition advises the government to refrain from attempting to control one more critical media, as it is damaging to the image of the country on the international arena.