28 November 2021,   15:42
High Council of Justice is preparing for a decisive session - Judges of Rustavi 2 and other noisy cases are waiting for appointment

The High Council of Justice is awaiting a noon session. Natia Gujabidze, Judge of Rustavi 2 case and 49 more candidates together with her will be appointed today. Judge Giorgi Goginashvili, Judge of the cases of Gigi Ugulava and Vano Merabishvili, Judge from the Appeals Court Manuchar Kapanadze, judge of the called cables case and cyanide case Judge Lili Mskhiladze, judge of the case of the third president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili, and judge Shorena Guntsadze, who sentenced actor Giorgi Giorganashvili to eight years in prison.

Interviews with applicants in the Council of Justice were held on the background of controversy . 13 out of 50 candidates, expressed distrust to the non-judge member of the Council appointed by the President due to critical statements and requested to remove Ana Dolidze.

"We will appoint people who have made political decisions that have made decisions that seriously violate human rights, such as Sergo Tetradze"s case, for example Sulkhan Molashvili"s case, that such people could remain the levers of the evil system. We should clean up the system and appoint people who really deserve it, "- said Anna Dolidze.

Dimitri Gvritishvili, a member of the Council of Justice, states that the appointments of judges are based on good faith and competence.