26 May 2022,   17:22
The Council makes decision at informal meetings and registers them at the Council sessions - Mshvenieradze speaks about lifetime appointment of judges

Civil sector criticizes the lifetime appointment of judges. Non-governmental organizations have not attended interviews with the judges of noisy cases, by the decision of the council, the sessions were closed for them.

The NGOs think that individual members of the council have already made a decision about specific candidates, taking into consideration political motives.

"The council does not actually make decisions at the Council meetings but at informal meetings and the board members simply sign them at council sessions," says Giorgi Mshvenieradze.

The Coordinator of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association, Ekaterine Tsimakuridze, draws attention to ignoring the selection criteria by the Council.

"There is a doubt that the Council of Justice select the judges not by the criteria of good faith and professionalism," says Ekaterine Tsimakuridze.