28 November 2021,   14:57
"Amnesty International": " We closely follow developments in Georgia"

The international organization " Amnesty International" publishes a report that reflects the current situation in regard of human rights in Georgia in 2017. The document is quite critical and reflects all scandalous cases which happened in 2017. While assessing the gaps in the judicial system, the ongoing trial in regard to Rustavi 2 is mentioned as well.
" The litigation over the ownership of Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company, a pro-opposition TV channel, continued. On 2 March, the Supreme Court ruled to transfer the ownership of Rustavi 2 TV to its former coowners– known to be government supporters – upholding previous rulings by the court of the first instance and the Court of Appeals. NGO members expressed concern about the above mentioned, and the European Court stopped execution of the decision,"- reads the report

Besides the case of Rustavi 2, Afghan Mukhtarli is mentioned in the report as well. The case of " Birja Mafia" and Demur Sturua are name between the facts of violation of human rights.

"Torture is now less problematic, but Georgia needs an effective mechanism to investigate torture mechanism. Without system changes, there will always be a threat of violations by law enforcers. Among those issues that raise concerns are justice, freedom of Media. We closely follow developments in the breakaway regions. Anything that reduces media pluralism causes concerns. The Court"s transparency and protection of this principle are essential. In this case, there are signs that the process was influenced by the government due to political motives.