01 December 2021,   04:45
High Council of Justice has already appointed 35 judges for lifetime

The voting for appointing judges for lifetime has been going on for more than three hours in the High Council of Justice. The Board members discussed 39 candidates, 35 of which were nominated for the position of the judges and four candidates were declined.

Ana Dolidze, a member of the High Council of Justice of Georgia, hopes that the Council will not appoint several judges for lifetime.

"Here I mean the judges for the cases of Tetradze, Molashvili Nora Kvitsiani. Of course, here I mean those judges who have made decisions on political grounds, first of all on political prisoners" cases, "- Dolidze said.

Nazi Janezashvili, member of the High Council of Justice of Georgia, has no hope that the board members will make independent decisions in the selection of judges without prior agreement.

Judge Natia Gujabidze is among the judges who have been involved in the case of "Rustavi 2" in the composition of the Court of Appeals . Giorgi Goginashvili, Ilona Todua, Irakli Bondarenko, Manuchar Kapanadze, Revaz Nadaraia, Shorena Guntsadze and Lili Mskhiladze are the judges of the high-profile notorious cases.