28 November 2021,   15:03
Murder in Temka - Law enforcers have interrogated a 20-year-old girl`s l friend and parents

The suspect in the murder of a 20-year-old girl and the motive of the crime in Temka remains unknown.

Law enforcers have already interrogated a boy friend of the killed girl. Reportedly, the girl talked to her boyfriend before being killed . Natsvlishvili"s relatives say they saw Natsvlishvili with only one boy.

According to the unofficial information, two more young men have been questioned.

"I have not seen any other boy next to Anna. She was turning 21 years old,poor girl. I can not say that this happened on the basis of jealousy, "- said Natsvlishvili"s relative.

As it is known, law enforcers questioned the parents of the murdered. Reportedly, law enforcers know the requisites of the vehicle, in which the alleged killer came to Natsvlishvili"s house.