28 November 2021,   15:40
"Rustavi 2" Case, Human Rights - Critical Conclusion of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

The influential international organization AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL published a report on the problems in Georgia. In its conclusion, AMNESTY INTERNATIONALdevotes several chapters to the human rights situation in the country and the processes against independent media . Rustavi 2"s case is the main topic of the discussion.

According to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Rustavi 2"s case was a decisive test for Georgian justice inside and outside the country .

According to the opposition and non-governmental sector, the AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL"s report will be included in every other report of the European Union and the United States, which will have a negative impact on the international image of the country;

There are other high profile cases in the international organization"s document. The presentation of the document was attended by Mustafa Emre Chabuk, whose case was included in the report.

The authors of the report speak about the case of Afgan Mukhtarli. The questions about the kidnapping of Azeri journalist and the alleged involvement of the authorities are still unanswered for the international organization.

The list of the facts of human rights violations includes the case of the group "Birja mafia" and Demur Sturua"s suicide.

The report on human rights protection is also critical of the constitutional amendments, the situation in the occupied regions, the rights of the LGBT community and the labor safety.