03 December 2021,   23:06
"The Soviet regime"s rule has sacrificed our country"s democratic development," - Giorgi Kvirikashvili

The Prime Minister responds to the day of the Soviet occupation and disseminates the statement on social network. Kvirikashvili writes that in the recent history of the country February 25 is one of the most tragic days. Kvirikashvili speaks about the losses that the country has suffered as a result of the Soviet rule. 

"25 February is one of the most tragic dates of our homeland - 97 years ago the deadly fight of Georgian patriots and cadets ended with the occupation of the Democratic Republic of Georgia by the Red Army.

The governance of the Soviet regime sacrificed our country"s democratic development and the lives of thousands of our compatriots.

In spite of this, the idea of liberty and independence has never been abandoned by our nation and the fight for these values has not stopped.

Today Georgia is an independent, democratic country, but part of it is still occupied. We will never tolerate this and we will use all peacefull leverages to unify our country.
I"m sure we will be able to leave a strong, unified state to the next generation, "- says the statement.