01 December 2021,   05:00
"We are not going to cooperate with marginal force" - Kaladze

Kakha Kaladze, the Mayor of Tbilisi explains the reasons why his deputy - Sopho Khuntsaria has not attended a meeting with the opposition and librarians at the City Council.

Kakha Kaladze says that United National Movement is a destructive force and does not intend to cooperate with him.

"I want to underline that members of United National Movement are marginals, and there is " European Georgia" as well. We cooperate with" European Georgia" because they are constructive. We are not going to cooperate with destructive, marginal forces, "Kaladze said.

The opposition wanted to get answers to their questions about the reorganization of the libraries for the deputy mayor of the capital.

Sophio Khuntsaria and a head of the Municipal Department of Culture and Education of the City Hall should attend the National Movement faction sitting in the City Council, but none of them arrived.

 The majority of libraries operating in Tbilisi will soon be closed down. According to the amendments, the libraries of Tbilisi libraries will be dismissed.