08 December 2021,   05:37
Dimitri Khundadze arrived at Natakhtar to meet with Tatunashvili"s family members

Dimitri Khundadze, a member of the parliamentary majority, arrived in the village of Natakhtari where Archil Tatunashvili"s family and his relatives are holding a rally.

According to Khundadze, the Georgian government is still in standby mode. According to him, MPs are meeting with representatives of international organizations at this moment.

The rally has been uderway in the village Natakhtari for less than one hour. Tatunashvili"s family and relatives are demanding the transfer of the body. They demand the arrival of the government, otherwise they threaten to block the central highway.

Despite the visit of Khundadze on the ground, protesters are not going to stop , demanding the arrival of the cabinet members and the head of the cabinet and answering their questions.