26 October 2020,   12:19
President will not sign amendments to the bill on broadcasting

The President of Georgia is not going to sign the amendments to the bill on the GPB - the statement was made by the President"s Parliamentary Secretary.

According to Anna Natsvlishvili, the Parliament did not consider motivated remarks sent by the president and overcame it.

"The Parliament of Georgia adopted amendments to the Law on Broadcasting and the Law on Purchase by the end of 2017. As the legislation envisages, the draft laws were sent to the President of Georgia for signature. The President has returned these draft laws back to the Parliament with motivated remarks. After that, the parliament discussed the motivated remarks in accordance with the legislation.

Motivated remarks were not shared and the Parliament voted for the amendments again. As the Constitution provides, these laws were sent to the President again. The President made a decision. He dis not going to sign them,"- Ana Natsvlishvili said.