31 October 2020,   00:39
He did not have any relation to Pardon Commission- Zviad Koridze regarding detention of City Council member

"I do not know who he is at all. He did not have any relation toh the Pardon Commission. I have just learned this information, "said Zviad Koridze, the chairperson of the Pardon Commission-, on the fact of detention of Temur Gorgadze for taking bribe.

According to the State Security Service, Temur Gorgadze demanded 7,000 US dollars from a citizen in exchange for assisting his relative to be released by the pardon commission.
The chairperson of the Pardon Commission said in a telephone conversation that he had not heard anything about Gorgadze.

The members of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the State Security Service detained Temur Gorgadze, member of Tbilisi Sakrebulo, Krtsanisi district majoritarian MP for taking bribe.

According to unofficial information, years ago, Temur Gorgadze was detained for selling marijuana.