26 October 2020,   11:48
EU Young Ambassadors in Tserovani - Diplomats Introduced EU Opportunities to IDPs

The Georgian young ambassadors of the EU were in Tserovani. Young diplomats introduced the EU" opportunities to the IDPs in Tserovani public school.

More than 20  Georgian young diplomats explained in detail to high -school students living in the IDP settlement the access to the EU funded programs.

"We are in Tserovani because together with the young people we work on the EU issues, Georgia-EU relations, opportunities offered by the European Union to young Georgians like those students in Tserovani. One day they will go to universities and will be able to enjoy these opportunities. We are communicating with young people in this regard. I think that Georgian teenagers are well informed about the EU, are motivated and full of enthusiasm. I hope this meeting will help them to believe that they can benefit from these opportunities, "- said Anthony Adams, coordinator of the" Young European Ambassadors Initiative. "

The youth network of "Young European Neighbors" has been working within the framework of the EU Eastern Neighborhood Project for two years already.