20 August 2022,   05:42
Case of Archil Tatunashvili"s murder in Tskhinvali prison - Zviad Kuprava summoned for questioning

The founder of the Law Enforcement Reform Center was summoned to the State Security Service.

Zviad Kuprava will provide to the Security Service the information about the death of Archil Tatunashvili from the prisoner.

The State Security became interested in the founder of the NGO after information voiced in Saturday"s Courier that he was contacted by a former employee of Georgian special services from prison who claimed that Archil Tatunashvili was murdered by Akhalgori district governor Philip Khachirov and his brother.
"This person is ready from prison or in any format to cooperate, help security services to determine the location and detention of Khachirov," Zviad Kuprava said.