28 September 2022,   20:21
Brothers arrested as a result of the special operation have been sentenced to pre-trial imprisonment

Armais Grigoryan and his brother were left by the Tbilisi City Court in preliminary detention facility.

The judge received a decision on preventive measures against persons detained as a result of special operation. Gregoryans are accused of money extortion. The prosecution claims that they have written evidence proving the crime together with witnesses` testimonies.

"We have a summary of the victims" interviews that have been interviewed several times and categorically proves that the brothers Gregorians were extorting money. Besides, we have hidden materials that have been conducted for quite a long time and are quite voluminous. Also there are other witnesses in the polls, "said the prosecutor Mariam Gogoreliani.

The defense side demanded the release of Grigoryans on bail but their demand was not satisfied.