04 July 2020,   07:15
60 people are detained, the whereabouts of some of them still unknown - Movement "White noise"

"There are about 60 people detained, the whereabouts of the part of them is unknown," states the White Noise.

The White Noise claim that the invasion of law enforcement officers in the clubs does not serve the aim of detention of drug dealers and the special operation was preceded by a "dirty campaign against clubs and independent movements".
"According to the official version, the purpose of law enforcement was to arrest the so-called" drug dealers "but it is a lie! We remember that this special operation was preceded by a dirty campaign against the club and independent movements, led by fascist groups, and the pro-Russian regressive forces . They are fighting against the most valuable achievements of the independent Georgian youth culture - freedom, equality and solidarity.
"We, the citizens of Georgia, start open fight for our most important value - freedom !

"Join us today, at 15:00, before the parliament building," - is said in a statement released by White Noise.