15 December 2019,   14:31
Prosecutor"s Office should study the origin of finances of co-investment fund

"United National Movement" initiates to study activities of Shota Shalelashvili in the companies, owned by Bidzina Ivanishvili and the co-investment fund.

According to the leaders of the opposition, the scandal related to Shalelashvili proves that this fund may be used for laundering money.

"Family members of Shalelashvili are linked to a serious international criminal group, which is accused by the US government. The fact is that Shalelashvili"s activities, which are linked toa partnership with Ivanishvili are not clear. There is a serious doubt that the amount of money obtained through international financial crimes is being laundering in Georgia .

Therefore, the Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia must, first of all, investigate the origin of these funds, including the origin of the co-investment fund and provide serious documents to the US governments in order to assist the further investigations, "said Levan Bezhashvili.

According to the current information, Shota Shalelashvili"s son, Gary Shalin (Gabriel Shalelashvili), is the main organizer of the hacker attack, resulting in misappropriation of billions of dollars.