23 October 2018,   08:25
22-10-2018 18:26
They offer us second series of the failed first play - Kobakhidze on scandalous video recording
22-10-2018 18:08
A 55-year-old driver died in the construction of a new railway line in the village Zvareli
22-10-2018 18:07
Case of the soldier accused of rape - Detainee speak about the provocation
22-10-2018 15:46
"This is a lie and we will confirm it with proof," - Irakli Kobakhidze responds to "European Georgia"
22-10-2018 15:30
"Even thieves in law have some rules, but they do not have any rule at all,"- Grigol Vashadze responds to the new recordings regarding Omega case
22-10-2018 15:18
I doubt that Ivanishvili is involved in such cases - Georgian Dream rules out Ivanishvili"s participation in the Partskhaladze-Khipiani incident
22-10-2018 15:16
" It would be a lie. How can I watch you? you are a liar television,"- Kaladze answers on question about luxury houses
22-10-2018 15:15
"I have not read it, I do not know what it is about,"- Foreign Minister about Zurabishvili"s book
22-10-2018 15:02
" Must be investigated where from does Rustavi 2 have these recordings, who was blackmailed" - Kakha Kaladze speaks about new recordings on " Omega Case"
22-10-2018 14:34
We should start a new Lilo revolution on october 28 which should end with victory,"- Shalva Natelashvili
22-10-2018 13:08
UNM, your television have no right to speak about the war - Kaladze
22-10-2018 12:46
"European Georgia" calls on opposition parties to leave the Inter-Agency commission
22-10-2018 12:36
"It is their style to attack those, who have different opinion,"- Eleme Khoshtaria responds to Grigol Vashadze
22-10-2018 12:23
NGO "Stop Corruption" joins United Opposition
22-10-2018 12:21
Luxurious Houses of Government Members - United Opposition demands investigation of the revenue of "Georgian Dream" members
22-10-2018 12:09
Zurabichvili"s statements against Georgia in the Hague Court - "European Georgia" discloses document
22-10-2018 12:00
Unknown details of " Omega Group" case and the basement incident - Courier broadcasts scandalous video records
20-10-2018 12:12
"The content of the conversation was based on the purpose of influencing the MP" - a new lawyer involved in the protection of Mirza Subeliani"s interests
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