24 April 2019,   07:05
23-04-2019 21:30
Dissatisfaction increases in Pankisi, - locals blame police for falsification of the investigation
23-04-2019 21:14
Ivanishvili launches political money laundering scheme - "Cartu" ordinary staff donated to the Dream 64 thousand in 2 days
23-04-2019 20:07
"Thank the Lord for this Trial" - Levan Jibaghashvili"s speech at the trial
23-04-2019 19:50
Two Russian military ships followed the American ship in the Black Sea waters - Ross Wilson confirms the information
23-04-2019 19:08
"European Georgia" asks to create a thematic inquiry group on Ia Kerzaia"s case
23-04-2019 18:59
"The landslide area" - residents of the village of Buturauli of Shuakhevi are demanding resettlement
23-04-2019 18:36
"In fact, the Justice School is producing soldiers for the clan " - Ana Dolidze
23-04-2019 18:15
"In general, the law must be strictly protected" - Kobakhidze responds to developments in Pankisi Gorge
23-04-2019 18:02
"If it were not for Ivanishvili"s instruction, would you have chosen such a destructive path?" - question of Omega Group Director to the Minister
23-04-2019 16:54
Levan Jibaghashvili is accused of purchase and transportation of large amounts of drugs
23-04-2019 16:41
" Governance of " Georgian Dream " should end,"- Grigol Vashadze
23-04-2019 15:23
I would invite Natia Turnava on the committee hearing - Roman Kakulia
23-04-2019 15:16
"High levels of lead influences the intellectual and motor development of the child" - Doctors respond to research of UNICEF
23-04-2019 15:08
Pankisi residents speak about provocation from police
23-04-2019 15:03
Jibaghashvili confirms that drugs were seized from his car, but he said that the substance does not belong to him
23-04-2019 14:35
Public trust and high reputation are important for the selection of judges- The President"s spokesperson speaks about the rule of selection of the Supreme Court judges
23-04-2019 14:26
President believes that Violent Actions against Police Officers are Unacceptable - Moitsrapishvili on Pankisi Events
23-04-2019 14:21
Why did Lasha Zhvania leave the Position - Statement of the President"s spokesperson
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