21 May 2019,   03:43
20-05-2019 19:30
President of Georgia attended inauguration of President of Ukraine
20-05-2019 18:16
Bribery of Voters, Illegal Use of List - Ombudsman says Political Officials Encourage Violations
20-05-2019 18:12
Mtatsminda will not elect Murusidze, will not choose Chinchaladze and will not elect Adeishvili"s legacy - Levan Gogichaishvili on the second round
20-05-2019 15:37
There is a political force trying to cause destruction, However, I hope that we will have such things less in the future - Prime Minister
20-05-2019 15:13
Opposition is getting stronger, despite the fact that all the administrative resources, Ivanishvili"s money work against the opposition - Kordzaia
20-05-2019 15:04
There always were different opinions in the party, but that does not mean that the party is on the edge of decomposition - Nakhophia
20-05-2019 14:30
Another bloody confrontation between the pupils of the 51st school - the twelfth graders confronted each other
20-05-2019 14:17
Protest wave should start from Zugdidi, spread in the whole country and end near Ivanishvili"s palace,"- Sandra Roelofs
20-05-2019 12:32
European Georgia is sure that Shalva Shavgulidze will win second round of elections
20-05-2019 12:27
74% of the population support NATO integration - NDI
20-05-2019 12:16
" Every team, where the important decisions are taken without an agreement, is doomed to failure" - Nika Melia
20-05-2019 12:07
"Our choice is a fight" - United Opposition starts working on future plans
20-05-2019 11:38
Georgia"s accession to the EU is acceptable for 77% of respondents - NDI
20-05-2019 11:38
A 15-year-old boy wounded in Gurjaani
20-05-2019 11:34
You were spreading false information about bribery for the whole day but you could not prove it with even a single fact - Kaladze addresses Rustavi 2
20-05-2019 09:11
I want to thank the population of Zestafoni, who supported me - Giorgi Goglichidze
20-05-2019 08:57
This election was a rehearsal before the parliamentary elections, very heavy elections are expected in 2020 - third sector
20-05-2019 08:26
Failed Celebration - "Georgian Dream" was preparing for fireworks in Tbilisi, but the celebration turned out to be premature
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