19 August 2018,   10:10
18-08-2018 18:03
You are impolite, I will detain you now for not obeying," police officer tells the young man
18-08-2018 17:35
Alexander Lukashenko dismissed the government
18-08-2018 17:20
"Unequivocal position, whether or not we will support independent candidate, has not yet been defined" - Batiashvili talks about Zurabishvili
18-08-2018 17:04
I will start consultations when they they take a decision - Salome Zurabishvili on "Georgian Dream"
18-08-2018 12:38
Noise in Ozurgeti - Guruia residents consider the fight against Asian stink bug ineffective and accuse government of neglect
18-08-2018 12:13
Giorgi Antsukhelidze is the hero of our epoch - Defense Minister laid flowers on the national hero"s grave
18-08-2018 10:41
Patrol police car crashed into a woman in Khashuri
18-08-2018 10:24
GEL continues to depreciate - official value of 1 dollar is GEL 2.5779
17-08-2018 16:21
Georgian Wrestlers wearing T-shirt in colors of Russian flag- Movement "Our Country Is Occupied" hold demonstration at Wrestling Federation
17-08-2018 15:52
Natelashvili talks about creation of artificial barriers CEC
17-08-2018 15:43
Residents of emergency buildings protest construction of Tbilisi-Rustavi highway
17-08-2018 15:30
Farmers Action in Kakheti - Farmers can not sell watermelon and ask state for assistance
17-08-2018 15:19
The next president will have to leave Avlabari residence - Prime Minister made an open reference today
17-08-2018 12:28
"If the price of gas is increased, the price for bread will rise, it will be more than one lari" - entrepreneurs and experts comment on the rise of gas prices
17-08-2018 12:22
There will br important messages from German Chancellor - Davit Zalkaliani on Angela Merkel"s visit
17-08-2018 12:17
Some of Salome Zurabishvili"s statements are acceptable, on some stements we may have some different views - Sozar Subari
17-08-2018 12:14
Citizens talk about the situation at the Russian Interests Section
17-08-2018 12:08
" Whether our boys wear the T-shirts or not is nobody`s business... when Tatunashvili`s body was transferred, that is exactly the man who nterfered" - president of the wrestling federation about scandalous photos
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