19 August 2019,   02:26
16-08-2019 17:52
"This is misinformation" - PM says that statements that members of the government have not visited Gugutiantkari are a lies
16-08-2019 17:49
Gakharia as Prime Minister, Garibashvili as Interior Minister- Mamuka Bakhtadze makes a statement regarding expected governmental Changes
16-08-2019 16:51
Anti-occupation rally organizers raise Georgian flag in Mereti village
16-08-2019 16:50
Worker dies in Bakuriani - 56-year-old man fell from a building which is under construction
16-08-2019 15:32
Nika Gvaramia has delivered a public lecture on Media Environment today to attendees of the "New Leaders Initiative"
16-08-2019 15:23
Life-threatening technical dyes in products - 6 out of 42 product contained life-threatening substances
16-08-2019 15:23
"What is happening here is very alarming" - Diplomatic corps on the illegal actions of the Russian Federation
16-08-2019 15:05
Divided Gugutiantkari by the occupants - President of Georgia has not responded to the illegal so-called borderization
16-08-2019 15:02
Heavy footage from Gugutiantkari
16-08-2019 14:33
Israel has not allowed two US congressmen in the country
16-08-2019 13:56
"We can already say with confidence that the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug problem is nearing its end" - Prime Minister of Georgia
16-08-2019 13:40
Demonstration in Zestaponi - Workers in highway construction demand increase of salaries
16-08-2019 13:39
Annexation of Shida Kartli and accusation against Georgian Soldiers - Saakashvili responds to the documentary introduced by Imedi
16-08-2019 13:20
Trial of Mikheil Kalandia have postponed - Reason for the postponement of the trial was the replacement of a lawyer by the family of Kalandia
16-08-2019 13:04
"You should ask Russia what he is planing for future" - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
16-08-2019 12:47
Representatives of the diplomatic corps have arrived in Gugutiantkari
16-08-2019 12:42
"It is shameful.. Russia started the war... Russia is an occupant" - Letters for the broadcasting company Imedi
16-08-2019 12:21
"Political Prisoners of June 20" - New movement for the protection of detainees of June 20
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